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Thursday, November 10, 2011

the loft gets some elbow grease

This summer, with the help of my wonderful hard-working hubby Ian & my dad, aunt, & cousin, who came 800 miles to help me, the loft area finally got the attention it deserved. It took several trips to Home Depot, Ace, and the like, along with a lot of brainstorming, but in a matter of days, I ended up with dark wood floors and a new wash cabinet. In time, I got new paint as well!
When I first began to use the space, I set up the room as above, but it evolved as the weeks went on
Eventually the carpet went up

And bamboo flooring went down

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

small beginnings in the loft

stylist chair + Ikea mirror + vintage cabinet + a mobile dance floor

vintage desk off craigslist + thrift store doctor's stool + many other great finds
photo of my niece playing dress up + vintage aqua dryer $10 on ebay!

garage sale vintage hood dryer in pristine condition a client snatched up for me for a mere $20

inside my station: Centrix shears, Paul Mitchell razor & lots more, including large carbon combs
 dresser I bought for $35 at a thrift store to be my next station! I was so excited to get this vintage Broyhill piece that I hauled it home in my hatchback car right after my purchase & managed to get into my place by myself!

Monday, July 25, 2011


We have been busy busy busy this month! Our fireplace is built, but we are still working on the paint. My salon got new floors & fresh paint and a new cabinet & sink! Cannot wait for you to see!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fireplace Inspiration

And here is a completed picture of the fireplace that I am inspired by.

Check out their home tour here!
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our fireplace. inspiration. and before pic.

I searched the internet vigorously for months looking for fireplace designs I liked. Finally, I found a winner! I swiped it from a blog---Please forgive me for not taking note of who you are. If you find me, please let me know your name so I can give you credit. Thank you. :)
I love the idea! I have been trying to decide what to do for a year now! Currently my fireplace is a blank slate, so I am eager to get started. See below...

So right after moving in, we detached the mantel, ripped off the cream tile, & re-drywalled around the opening. For the longest time, the mantle was just leaning against the wall like this... I sold the mantle shortly after this post. Yay! For an update CLICK HERE!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

a bistro table & chairs get a makeover!

I recently snatched a table and four chairs for $30 at a garage sale.  It was a simple set, but I had a vision! :) Stay tuned to see the results...

Monday, April 4, 2011

sample work: hair for special events (more to come...)

Brook & Jody at Brook's Wedding: beautiful & classic.

Something a little different for the dance

Not your average up-do for a night out

eye-catching & so chic

For a maid of honor, not just any up-do will do

A bride should look timeless on her wedding day
A sweet bridesmaid needs....

a sweet up-do!

...and that's what Ashley got!

Rula is a natural beauty

Simple & elegant

It's all in the details

You have to do just enough

With a fresh cut & color, Kelly was one sophisticated sister-in-law/photographer
while Alexa was stunning with just a soft bouncy curl

And she was ready for her big moment!
What a great looking bunch

Mike & Lisa's no-fuss-cut & styles helped them look sharp on their son's big day!
One of my favorite go-to-styles worked perfect for a friend's party

Even as a guest, you gotta look chic!
Volume & low bun on a bridesmaid