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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

wipe the slate clean... half bath project

Because of its location off the kitchen, this half bath gets lots of use, but it gets no attention in the style department---until now. This past year it has sported a combination of yellow and orange paint left over from other rooms, and it literally screamed for an identity of its own. I intended to wall paper, but after some thought, I knew complimenting the floor tile with a shade of gray would easily do the trick. A few drywall repairs and a couple coats of paint later, this half bath has a brand new slate! And while it isn't completely remodeled or even decorated, it definitely reminds me what new paint can do!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my home. part 2

If you are ever in Kansas City, check out River Market Antique Mall, where I found these great kitchen canisters! It was love at first sight! And it's also where I found my owl cookie jar. You are bound to find something too in this 30,000 square foot building located on West 5th Street in the Historic River Market area.
Everyone needs a bouquet of colorful kitchen utensils!
A practical little salad bowl for 2 + a 2 buck price tag at a local thrift store = 1 guilt free purchase :)
I discovered this glass and wood bowl in the back of a downtown Branson, Missouri antique store a year ago.  It was in the farthest corner booth, on a dusty bottom shelf, behind a bunch of other stuff.  I was so excited to wipe away the dust and see this perfect bowl was only $8!  And it saved me from having to go all out on this one:   see Crate & Barrel's acacia and glass salad bowl
Remnants of my wedding bouquet add a simple touch to some antique jars.
Peek-a-boo... Shawnee winking owl salt and pepper shakers.
Part of my vintage cream & sugar collection.
I love all the colors!
We bought this great table off some friends and, after a long hunt online,  I was able to complete it with  a set of 6 vintage dining chairs.

I found this lovely Bissman solid walnut cabinet at an antique store in Carthage, Missouri with my lovely Aunt Dolores. I'd like to give a shout out to my awesome little sister who drove it 800 miles for me in my Dad's truck so that I could finally get it from Kansas to Michigan last year.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

my home. part 1

This is my entry way and part of my front room, but this view is from my dining room. The front door is up by the coat closet. Confusing enough? :)
Some cool old suitcases...I know two of them have been to Miami and to the Bahamas, but man would I love to know all their travels! :)
I have to admit styling hair every week is awesome because I get to be creative and expressive... But I also LOVE styling my home! I may even find myself rearranging and redecorating more often than some people do their hair.  I have only lived here since April 2010, so there is LOTS of projects I want to do---but I am pretty good at making the best of things---and if I would just watch less of the DIY Network and HGTV, I might actually do them!  In the meantime, like I said, I make the best of the place.  The paint colors were here, and thankfully, the paint job was decent.  So instead of painting, we went straight to refinishing the maple floors, staining them a dark walnut, which made a world of a difference!  It was like taking a client, who should have never been blonde, and transforming her into a beautiful brunette!  After the floors cured,  with the help of some strong friends, we were able to fill the place with my one-of-a-kind vintage finds, and of course, over the last year, more and more pieces have been added.  I am so thankful that I was a bit of a "collector"---as opposed to the more scary term "hoarder" :) while I lived in our apartment, because my place looked like home the day after we moved in!  And I must add, as I always do, that I bought everything for practically nothing!!!  Okay, so it wasn't all free, but I was pretty excited about a lot of the price tags!  My days digging in the corners of resale shops and people's basements have paid off--in my eyes anyway. ;)

Our front room. The view out the window is woods. Wish it was a beach :)
LOVE this coffee table! It was only $25 on Craigslist! The vintage orange chair & ottoman, as well as this amazing orange lamp, were anniversary gifts from my husband.
The matching couch and chair were another steal for a mere $75. They were even reupholstered! I love their square shape, wooden legs, and button detail. And this vintage lamp was a recent find for just $12.50.  I didn't really NEED another lamp, but who can say no at that point???