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Monday, April 4, 2011

sample work: hair for special events (more to come...)

Brook & Jody at Brook's Wedding: beautiful & classic.

Something a little different for the dance

Not your average up-do for a night out

eye-catching & so chic

For a maid of honor, not just any up-do will do

A bride should look timeless on her wedding day
A sweet bridesmaid needs....

a sweet up-do!

...and that's what Ashley got!

Rula is a natural beauty

Simple & elegant

It's all in the details

You have to do just enough

With a fresh cut & color, Kelly was one sophisticated sister-in-law/photographer
while Alexa was stunning with just a soft bouncy curl

And she was ready for her big moment!
What a great looking bunch

Mike & Lisa's no-fuss-cut & styles helped them look sharp on their son's big day!
One of my favorite go-to-styles worked perfect for a friend's party

Even as a guest, you gotta look chic!
Volume & low bun on a bridesmaid