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Thursday, November 10, 2011

the loft gets some elbow grease

This summer, with the help of my wonderful hard-working hubby Ian & my dad, aunt, & cousin, who came 800 miles to help me, the loft area finally got the attention it deserved. It took several trips to Home Depot, Ace, and the like, along with a lot of brainstorming, but in a matter of days, I ended up with dark wood floors and a new wash cabinet. In time, I got new paint as well!
When I first began to use the space, I set up the room as above, but it evolved as the weeks went on
Eventually the carpet went up

And bamboo flooring went down

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

small beginnings in the loft

stylist chair + Ikea mirror + vintage cabinet + a mobile dance floor

vintage desk off craigslist + thrift store doctor's stool + many other great finds
photo of my niece playing dress up + vintage aqua dryer $10 on ebay!

garage sale vintage hood dryer in pristine condition a client snatched up for me for a mere $20

inside my station: Centrix shears, Paul Mitchell razor & lots more, including large carbon combs
 dresser I bought for $35 at a thrift store to be my next station! I was so excited to get this vintage Broyhill piece that I hauled it home in my hatchback car right after my purchase & managed to get into my place by myself!