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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my home. part 2

If you are ever in Kansas City, check out River Market Antique Mall, where I found these great kitchen canisters! It was love at first sight! And it's also where I found my owl cookie jar. You are bound to find something too in this 30,000 square foot building located on West 5th Street in the Historic River Market area.
Everyone needs a bouquet of colorful kitchen utensils!
A practical little salad bowl for 2 + a 2 buck price tag at a local thrift store = 1 guilt free purchase :)
I discovered this glass and wood bowl in the back of a downtown Branson, Missouri antique store a year ago.  It was in the farthest corner booth, on a dusty bottom shelf, behind a bunch of other stuff.  I was so excited to wipe away the dust and see this perfect bowl was only $8!  And it saved me from having to go all out on this one:   see Crate & Barrel's acacia and glass salad bowl
Remnants of my wedding bouquet add a simple touch to some antique jars.
Peek-a-boo... Shawnee winking owl salt and pepper shakers.
Part of my vintage cream & sugar collection.
I love all the colors!
We bought this great table off some friends and, after a long hunt online,  I was able to complete it with  a set of 6 vintage dining chairs.

I found this lovely Bissman solid walnut cabinet at an antique store in Carthage, Missouri with my lovely Aunt Dolores. I'd like to give a shout out to my awesome little sister who drove it 800 miles for me in my Dad's truck so that I could finally get it from Kansas to Michigan last year.

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  1. Jodi I absolutely love your place